Among Us Launching on Nintendo Switch Today

Among Us

In the past few hours, a brand new Nintendo Indie World was held lasting just 15 minutes, which was able to host various announcements of course – as the name implies – dedicated to the vast world of independent developers in the video game field.

Among the many titles dealt with in such a short time, however, we had the opportunity to see Among Us again in the spotlight, just after checking out The Game Awards 2020 only a few days ago, in which the new map was announced and it is been voted best mobile game of the year.

Today, however, with great surprise and to the final stages of the event, InnerSloth wanted to communicate to fans around the world that the Among Us game in question is available starting today via the ‘eShop for Nintendo Switch.

A new port that therefore left behind a lot of happiness among the users of the Nintendo hybrid console, since it was highly anticipated. Among Us is an indie title of extreme simplicity that has attracted a lot of players all over the world thanks to its fun and intuitive game mode for 4 to 10 players: at the moment, in case you don’t know yet, it is also available on PC and the mobile version on iOS and Android.

Among the much-discussed topics in this sense, there is also that related to porting on Sony and Xbox consoles, however, the developers have recently said that part of the problem for a possible porting on console would be precisely that of the implementation of voice chat, which so much they want to insert.

Rizwan Ahmad
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