The Surge 2 Unlikely To Get PS5/Xbox Series X Upgrade, According to Developers

The Surge 2

What are the chances that The Surge 2 will get a technical upgrade on the new generation consoles of Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5? The Deck13 developers have answered this question via Twitter.

With The Surge 2, the development studio Deck13 based in Frankfurt released its latest action role-playing game in September last year.

After numerous developers announced technical PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades for selected games in the past few weeks, those responsible developers at Deck13 were asked via Twitter about a possible next-gen upgrade to The Surge 2. As an employee of the German studio admitted, we shouldn’t expect this.

Accordingly, the developers of Deck13 have only limited resources and are currently focusing on their new project. Incidentally, this is not supposed to be The Surge 3.

Instead, according to the studio, it’s time for something new. “We’d love to get the opportunity to do a next-gen patch, but for now our resources are pretty much all tied up in the new project,” said the developers.

“That project won’t be The Surge 3. It’s time for something fresh,” the developers continued. It has not yet been revealed when the official disclosure of the said game can be expected. It is also still in the stars in which direction the new Deck13 project will move.

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