DOOM Eternal Release Date for Nintendo Switch Confirmed

Doom Eternal

During the past few hours, Nintendo and Bethesda Softworks have had the pleasure of announcing, through a very interesting short movie, that DOOM Eternal will be officially released for Nintendo Switch on December 8th.

But in case you don’t understand this is a digital-only version, and no physical edition will be released with it. The latest and greatest DOOM video game also includes the multiplayer mode called BATTLEMODE on the Nintendo console, but be warned: the graphics are obviously reduced compared to those of the other platforms, due to the limitations imposed by the hardware itself.

In addition to the release date and the trailer, the developers also wanted to share an entire FAQ that more specifically answers the questions that the community might ask more frequently in this regard.

For example, DOOM Eternal will take up a whopping 18.8 GB of storage space on your Nintendo Switch hybrid console. In addition to this, you may also be interested in knowing that a code for obtaining DOOM 64 will be sent to the first buyers via e-mail, and The Ancient Gods: Part One DLC will arrive for the Nintendo Switch only at a later time.

Interestingly, this version of DOOM Eternal also includes optional gyro controls that can be adjusted and activated, for anyone interested. As we noted above, DOOM Eternal will be out in just a few days by surprise and can be purchased through the Nintendo Switch eShop.

It is not clear if it could later be physically released: we only know that no further information has been released at the moment. While Nintendo fans have yet to wait, the Bethesda title in question is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.