Spider-Man: Morales – Pro Tips and Tricks on PS5

Spider-Man Morales

Spider-Man Morales, an adventure game released just the previous month has already caught the eyes of a lot of PlayStation players. Both PS4 and PS5 are enjoying the game to the peak. They are having sheer fun! Want to join them? You should be left behind. But before you think of playing Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS5, there is something else.

What? You need adequate tips and tricks to get the better of this super-powered adventure game. You need to grip these tips and tricks to unlock a lot of things and master numerous tricks in your quest to save New York. That will help you to probably hit the streets swinging. And that’s where exactly this article comes in.

This article provides a sneak-peek into some of the major tips and tricks you will need in Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5. Let’s have a look at them.

Stay and fight in the air

The main point to remember before you even use this trick is to usually dodge the incoming gunfire Circle. When you remember this, you will be very effective when fighting in the air. Any antagonists launched won’t fight back and as for those you left on the ground, they are vulnerable and can’t get reach of you.

fight in the air

With this aerial combat, taking on numerous combat challenges in an attempt to unlock Air Marshall’s skill is very possible. With that done, your damage output is increased. There are three things to consider when dealing more damage; the Swing kick, Air Launch, and Air Yank. When all these are prioritized, you will shift all your focus in the air and thus you will reduce chances of being attacked. Aerial combat also enables you to knock your foes off the rooftops.

What should you do when you fight enemies that can yank out of the air? The best approach in this situation will be to take them out first. Also, make use of Perfect Dodges or Web Throws. They help you to stay grounded but on your toes.

To send your enemies skywards, try holding down Square. Dash and jump (some of the Venom abilities), may be used to send your enemies into the air.

Bigger Vs Smaller enemies – Who to fight?

Since some enemies offer a big threat than others, you should prioritize the right enemies to combat. This will make your life easier.

Bigger vs Smaller enemies

But how do you approach this? Venom blasts or special attacks should be used to open up big enemies. The problem comes in when they all try to hit you at the same time. You should also be wary of ranged enemies. These tend to fire from range and can be a huge threat especially when your focus is on closer enemies. So, try to identify which enemies pose a huge threat and try eliminating them first.

Start with the challenges

These challenges enable you to learn all the basics and thereby will help you in unlocking vital skills. There are a lot of challenges that Peter Parker sets up for you around the city. Try clearing all of them as soon as you can. Each test you take on be it traversal, stealth or combat unlocks an ability for you on successful completion. A perfect dodge against armed enemies with instant takedowns and huge damage in the air are some of the abilities you can unlock on completing the challenges.

vital skills

Use correct attacks for the right enemies and avoid button mash

There are a lot of enemies in the Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 game. Each enemy requires a special attack to be taken out. Use of a web yank will take away protection from enemies with shields and other club waving enemies. If you encounter underground minions of the Tinkerer that always have giant fists, use a Venom attack. It destroys all their weapons.

correct attacks

Button mash should only be used where necessary. You can’t use it in a crowd as you will be raining ineffective blows on an enemy that is protected.

If the going gets tough, feel free to run away

In case the combat overwhelms you then why not consider taking to your heels? It is far much a wise decision in such a scenario. In this game, there will be some fights involving a lot of enemies with a lot of combinations. You will find yourself surrounded by a lot of assailants with shields, clubs, or guns in one or two scenarios. That becomes very difficult to handle. Even with that, don’t run away in such a way that you give the enemies much space.

running away

So what should you do? Since it will be very difficult to take on multiple enemies at once, use the ample room in the interior to relocate. With that, you will be able to gain your control back as you will eliminate them one by one as they follow you there.

Diving and Swinging

Diving helps you to build on speed whereas swinging is ideal for height or speed. A click on the left stick will enable you to dive and gain a lot of speed when you are swinging. Maximum height can be attained by holding the swing much longer. This will help you to arc upwards before you begin to lose momentum. It helps you to clear a lot of buildings in such a short time.

Diving and Swinging

Know your gadgets

There are four gadgets that Miles can use. The Web-Shooters, which are the most common gadgets are used in damaging enemies and trapping them to restrict their movement in such a short period. The other important gadget is Holo-Drone. This will summon holographic players to offer assistance to players.


Use the Remote Mine to grab onto an enemy. The Remote Mine can also be activated once you choose to attack the enemies.  The last gadget is Gravity Well. And this will bring a crowd of enemies together and knocks them down momentarily making it easier for Miles to attack them. The good thing is that you can upgrade each of these gadgets with Taking Parts or Activity Tokens.


Becoming a pro in Spider-Man Miles Morales is a piece of cake. It only requires you to master the tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

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