Rainbow Six Parasite First Gameplay Footage Leaked

Rainbow Six Parasite

In these recent days, a gameplay footage, which shows some frames on one of Ubisoft’s games still in the works, namely Rainbow Six Parasite was leaked.

The Rainbow Six Siege spin-off builds its foundation on the events of Siege’s Year 2 Season 1, namely Operation Chimera, which was dedicated to the presentation of a non-canonical, limited-time event focused on fighting the undead. The expansion is set in a universe that is disconnected from the main plot of the game, as we see the operators of the Rainbow team facing armies of alien and zombies, setting new standards for a future in the series.

After a few months, the event ended and the cooperative mode was simply removed from the video game, but given the amount of content and the new integrated mechanics it is not surprising that Ubisoft has decided to dedicate a chapter totally dedicated to the Zombie theme.

Operation Chimera was in fact one of the most consistent seasons of all in terms of content, with the limited-time expansion that included three missions with the most beloved protagonists of the Rainbow Six Siege team presented until then, and two new unreleased operators, Finka and Lion.

Given the amount of work, with real dedicated HD cutscenes and the aforementioned totally new mechanics for the game, it was extremely likely that Ubisoft would dedicate a Zombie-themed game to us and it was so when the company announced Rainbow Six Parasite at the E3 last year.

However, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down the development work considerably, so much so that the entire game has been delayed together with other Ubisoft titles such as Far Cry 6 for several months. The short leak present in the article below, however, shows a very short gameplay session which assumes that the title is at least playable and that the works are therefore well underway.

In particular, we see an operator holding a rifle in his arms who shoots an alien union rooted to the ground as if the character was attacking a source of biological infection. Similar elements recall some objects of the scenario present in Operation Chimera of Rainbow Six Siege, so it could be a real leak; however, we strongly invite you to wait for official confirmation from Ubisoft to clarify the matter with confidence.

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