PS5 Will Automatically Record a Video after Unlocking a Trophy

PlayStation 5

As it is known, the trophy system on the PlayStation 5 has been given various new features. These include the automatic recording of a short gameplay clip, which shows you how you can unlock the corresponding trophy.

A few days ago Sony Interactive Entertainment released an extensive firmware update with which the trophy system on the PlayStation 4 was completely redesigned. At the same time it was announced that the completely renewed trophy system will be available for the launch of the PlayStation 5 on the next-gen console. It won’t stop there on the PS5.

Instead, trophy hunters get various new features on the next generation PlayStation. An optional progress tracker has already been confirmed, which tells you, for example, how many collectibles still have to be found in order to unlock the corresponding trophy.

Another feature that was presented in a suitable video today are gameplay clips, which are automatically created when you unlock a trophy and give you information about the achievement for which the trophy went into your digital inventory. The short gameplay clips replace the screenshot function of the PS4, which took a snapshot at the time when you could win a trophy.

Even if an official announcement or confirmation from Sony Interactive Entertainment is still pending, we can probably assume that we are dealing with an optional feature that can be deactivated in the system settings of the PlayStation 5 if necessary.

Attached is a video from Kinda Funny Games that shows the aforementioned function in action.

Rizwan Ahmad
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