New Super Lucky’s Tale Confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

New Super Lucky's Tale

Super Lucky’s Tale, created by Playful Corporation, eventually came to Nintendo Switch with a completely new version. Unfortunately for lovers of this genre, the only platform on which this edition was available was the Nintendo console. But there is good news for those who do not have this system because today it was revealed that the installment of New Super Lucky’s Tale will reach more consoles.

After several leaks by some European stores. The developer of New Super Lucky’s Tale, Playful, announced that the platform will no longer be exclusive to Nintendo Switch and that it will reach Xbox One and PlayStation 4. At the moment, it is not known many details about these adaptations, but they are expected to arrive between June 30 and July 3, according to stores like Amazon Spain and GAME Spain.

At the moment, the official information is that New Super Lucky’s Tale will arrive “soon” on these consoles. It is unknown if there will be a release in the West or if it will be in physical or digital format, but the developer anticipated that it will release more information soon.

In case you do not know the story of this game, we will tell you that originally, in 2017, it debuted on PC and on consoles it was exclusive to Xbox One, under the title Super Lucky’s Tale. Then, in June 2019, an exclusive version was announced for the Nintendo Switch.  Which, more than being an edition with slight improvements, renewed its gameplay and appearance to such an extent that it could be considered as a different game.

It is precisely this latest version that will reach PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That said, Xbox One will be on the only platform on which the two versions will be available since the original will not be removed from the store. Also, you should know that there will be no compatibility between Super Lucky’s Tale and New Super Lucky’s Tale.  You will also not be able to update the old edition with the original, since, as we mentioned, these are 2 very different games.

We leave you with a comparative video so you can see what we are trying to explain to you.

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