inXile Reveals Next-Gen RPG for Xbox Series X Will Use Unreal Engine 5

Even if the first demo of Unreal Engine 5 for console took place on the PlayStation 5 console. It is clear that the graphics engine will allow creating games for Xbox Series X and after the revelation made by Epic Games. The people of Xbox did not hesitate to point out that they will also take advantage of the benefits and potential of the engine.

In that sense, the information has begun to flow and a team that is part of Xbox Game Studios confirmed that its next title will use Unreal Engine 5. Through a post on its Twitter account, independent video game industry analyst Benji Sales shared the response of inXile Entertainment that announced their upcoming project after they ended up with Wasteland 3, cross-platform game.

In this regard, the studio’s publication, today part of Xbox Game Studios, pointed out that its next game, an AAA RPG title that will arrive exclusively on Xbox Series X, will use the power of Unreal Engine 5.

Likewise, the inXile publication points out that although they are excited to show something about their new project. At the moment they are focused on finishing Wasteland 3, a title that will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 28.

Regarding the relationship of Xbox with Unreal Engine 5, Phil Spencer, head of the brand, highlighted the use that many of its first-party studios make of their current version and assured that they are ready to start working with the new graphics engine in games coming to Xbox Series X.

Rajesh V
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