Microsoft Continues To Approach Japanese Devs for Buying Their Studios


According to current reports, Microsoft is looking for suitable takeover candidates in Japan and Asia. This was confirmed by several studios, which however want to remain anonymous.

In the past few months, Microsoft has pointed out several times that those responsible are still looking for suitable takeover candidates.

After the Redmond Company announced that it was also interested in Asian studios, Microsoft seems to have acted accordingly in the recent past. This at least emerges from a current report by the industry media Bloomberg, in which it is said that Microsoft approached several studios in Japan and Asia and tried to initiate takeovers.

According to Bloomberg, several Japanese studios, large and small, have confirmed that they have been contacted by Microsoft with a request for a takeover. Which studios Microsoft approached in detail was not disclosed, as the discussions were privately held and the studios concerned would like to remain anonymous.

Therefore, no details of the course of the negotiations can be given. When asked, Jeremy Hinton, who is responsible for the Asian Xbox business at Microsoft, confirmed that his company is indeed interested in taking over Asian studios, provided that they fit with the internal corporate philosophy. “Microsoft is always open to discussions with creators that are a good fit,” said Hinton.

Microsoft has not yet announced anything regarding possible studio takeovers in Asia or Japan. With the takeover of Bethesda Softworks, Microsoft already has Tango Gameworks, its first first-party studio in Japan.

Rizwan Ahmad
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