Microsoft Clarifies “60fps Is Not a Mandate” for Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

For years, the desire of many console gamers has been to enjoy a game at a rate of 60 frames per second. And while this has sometimes been possible, it is still far from an industry standard. A few days ago, Xbox gave something to talk about it when Aaron Greenberg pointed out that 60fps would be the standard on Xbox Series X. However, it seems that this is only an intention and a good wish because it is something beyond his control.

After Aaron Greenberg, general manager of the Xbox marketing area, pointed out in a response on social networks that the Xbox Series X standard would be 60fps and after presuming that the console architecture gives 120 frames per second, he again had to clarify what he wrote before.

It all started yesterday with a post by Tom Warren, editor of The Verge, who pointed out that Microsoft denied that 60fps would become the standard starting with Xbox Series X and that matters related to frames per second is up to developers.

Moments later, Aaron Greenberg responded to Tom Warren’s post by noting the following: “Developers always have flexibility in how they use the power, so a standard or common 60fps is not a mandate.”

The responses from followers on the social network were immediate and some considered the clarification disappointing as they think that the next console games will continue with a rate of 30 frames per second or bet on 60fps, but at the cost of not reaching a higher resolution.

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Rajesh V
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