How to Mass Delete Discord Messages 2022

Do you need to mass delete Discord messages in order to clear your inbox and eliminate spam? Here are some easy ways to get this done. Install or use a bot. Install the Tampermonkey extension to see what messages were previously sent and received. Then, find a way to find a bot’s IP and mass delete them. Messages sent via bots will stay on Discord servers.

How to Mass Delete Discord Messages

Here are some simple methods to mass delete Discord messages.

Use or Install MEE6 Bot

If you’ve ever wanted to delete hundreds of Discord messages from a channel, this new feature can make your life much easier. Just download the MEE6 Bot and follow the instructions to install it. It’ll require some permissions to work on the server, and you’ll need to verify your account. Once installed, MEE6 can delete up to 500 messages from a channel. You can even delete messages from the channel you’re using, if you have enough permissions.

To use MEE6 bot to mass delete Discord messages, you need to install the software on your Discord server. You can also use your browser or Discord app to access the software.

You can even clone an existing channel with it to delete messages. But if you’d rather use an extension, you can go straight to the Github page of MEE6 and download it.

After installing the bot on your Discord server, you can start deleting messages. To do this, simply click the bot’s name in the list of online members. You can also adjust its settings as desired. The bot also allows you to select which messages you wish to delete by using the ‘!clear (number)’ command. By using this command, you can delete up to 1000 messages in a single command.

Here how to use command to delete messages in Discord.

  • !clear @username – If you want to delete the last 100 messages use this command
  • !clear 500 – If you want to delete the last 500 messages use the command

Discord Messages

Use Tampermonkey Extension

To mass delete Discord messages, all you need to do is download the Tampermonkey Extension, which is available for both Firefox and Chrome. Once installed, you need to create a script. You can download the script from OpenUserJS or Oiled Fork. Then, install the extension by clicking on the ‘Install’ button. Then, you will need to enable the script.

First, install the extension on your computer. Next, log into Discord and click on the Tampermonkey extension. On the right side, you will see the trash icon. Click on it. After you do that, click on the trash icon to choose the message type.

You can also specify the time range in which to delete messages. Once you have completed this process, you can then delete all the messages from a certain time period.

The Tampermonkey extension is compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you want to install the extension on your own computer, make sure that it is compatible with your operating system.

If you use Safari, make sure to remove Tampermonkey from your computer’s settings first. The Tampermonkey extension is compatible with Chrome and Firefox, but it isn’t supported on Safari. If you’re running a Chrome or Firefox browser, you can install the Tampermonkey extension using the instructions on the page.

You can find more details on how to use the extension here.