Fortnite Has Cute and Cuddly Dinosaurs Now

A new attraction has arrived in Fortnite which has overshadowed the fan-favorite Titled Towers. Get ready to meet the cute and cuddly Klombos!

Gamers were happy to see their fan-favorite location Tilted Towers back after the recent update of the game. Fortnite’s most popular area was brought back after the location’s popularity soared on social media platforms. However, something else is garnering more attention from players rapidly outpacing the attention given to the Tilted Towers. The game has introduced cute and cuddly dinosaurs that players can find roaming around the map and not from the Fortnite item shop.

Massively Cute Klombos

Fans with Fortnite accounts were surprised to log in and see massive dinosaur-looking creatures roaming around the map. These peaceful giants look like something out of the pocket of Pixar’s How to Train Your dragon. Though they look cute and cuddly, players might feel threatened due to the large size of these walking behemoths. However, gamers should not fret as the Klombos are very much friendly. These giant reptiles are docile and will only attack players if they get provoked like getting shot at. The sudden appearance of these 

Helpful Reptilian Giants

The peaceful behemoths have come to Fortnite to assist gamers as they travel around the map. Players can interact with the Klombos other than shooting bullets at them. The kind of assistance that these roaming creatures provide is actually significant as Epic Games did not intend these magnificent beings to simply be aesthetic additions to the game. Whether gamers get assistance from these reptiles, leave them be, or annoy them, it is all up to the players. 

If gamers choose to interact with them, they can receive two forms of help from the Klombos. The first and most obvious thing that players can do is climb on the back of these giants as they roam around the map. Gamers can hop on the back of the Klombos by climbing up their tail and just standing there as these behemoths walk around. These creatures also have blowholes that can launch gamers high into the air to help them get to other places. 

The most important form of help that players can get from these reptile giants is in the form of items. Players can feed the Klombos with a special type of food called Klomberries. This new item can be found in fixed places across the map. Feeding these berries to the gentle reptilian giants will cause them to spit out a random quality loot. As the items given are randomized, players will not get satisfying loot 100% of the time, but a free quality loot is still a good loot. 

If gamers choose to leave these creatures alone, nothing bad will happen, but nothing interesting will happen either. However, if players choose to fire bullets and rockets at these peaceful creatures, then gamers should be ready for a world of pain. It is unclear if the Klombos can be defeated as no one has survived long enough to take them down. 

Klombos Locations

Klombos do not stay in one place and often move around a lot. They tend to move away from their spawn points. However, knowing the potential spawn areas of these giant creatures will give players a rough idea of how to find one. Here are the rumored spawn areas of the Klombos:

  • Outside of the crater Northwest of The Daily Bugle
  • In the forest near the coast East of Condo Canyon
  • South of the oasis at the West of Chonker’s Speedway
  • In the mountains South of Camp Cuddle
  • West of the Tilted Towers
  • Northwest of The Joneses at the Southeast of the Sanctuary

Keep in mind that the Klombos will not stay in their spawn points for too long. The best bet to see and interact with a Klombo is to spot them during the drop phase as players can see these giants right away while skydiving down the map.

Klomberries Locations

To get the most out of interacting with the Klombos, players will have to bring some Klomberries with them. Though gamers can eat the berries themselves to recover some HP, these fruits are best given to the roaming giants to get the best rewards. There are only a few confirmed locations where Klomberries spawn. However, since these berries do not walk around like the Klombos, they are easier to find and acquire. Here is the list of places where players can get Klomberries:

  • NPC at the Haven wandering on the left side of the desert Lake. Players can buy Klomberries from her in exchange for some gold bars.
  • Before the river Northeast of the Tilted Towers
  • Near the spawn point of Klombos northeast of the Daily Bugle

To feed the berries to the Klombos, gamers will simply have to throw them at the giant reptiles. The Klomberries can be thrown like grenades and can be yeeted towards these reptiles. Afterward, players will just wait for a moment till the Klombos spit out some items for them. 

Interacting with the Klombos has been a very popular activity in the game as players with Fortnite accounts rush towards looting Klomberries than looting actual weapons. These lovable creatures have become a well-loved addition to the game in just a span of days. Even when these reptiles become angry, gamers still find them adorable. Do not mind the new cosmetics, the return of the Tilted Towers, or anything else. Klombos coming to Fornite is the best thing to happen in the game.