Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide: Healing, Teleportation Abilities and More

Kiriko Kamori

If you’re a new player to Overwatch 2, you’ll need a Kiriko guide to make the most of your character’s unique abilities. In addition to a healing projectile, Kiriko can wall climb and use a teleportation ability. In addition to her powerful abilities, Kiriko also has several unique passives.

Kiriko Kamori is a ninja support healer in Overwatch 2

If you’ve been looking forward to a new support hero in Overwatch 2, Kiriko Kamori is here. The new character has a high level of damage and is also a great healer. She will be able to reduce your teammates’ cooldowns while increasing their attack speed and reload speed. She’s comparable to Moira and Zenyatta, though her ultimate may be a little bit different. Regardless of the differences, Kiriko looks very powerful and dynamic. In addition, she’ll be able to climb walls, which should make her more mobile.

Kiriko Kamori’s primary utility comes from her Protection Suzu. She can throw a bell-like item to heal allies, and she can also cast Protection Suzu to cleanse debuffs from herself and her allies. The downside to this skill is its cooldown, and Kiriko can’t use it every single time she uses it.

Kiriko Kamori Age, Real Name and Health Details

  • Real Name – Kiriko Kamori
  • Aliases – Protector of Kanezaka
  • Age – Early 20s
  • Nationality – Japan Japanese
  • Occupation – Vigilante
  • Health – 200

She can wall climb

Kiriko is a hero from the Overwatch series. Her unique ability allows her to climb up vertical surfaces. As such, she is a great choice for long-range support. She also has a new ability, Swift Step, which allows her to teleport to anywhere in the game within 35 meters.

Kiriko is a high-mobility hybrid healer that focuses on DPS and single-target healing. She is able to wall climb and channel healing talismans. When she is not engaged in battle, she can also teleport to her allies to heal them or give them a boost. She also has a fox spirit that she summons, which enables her to wall climb and teleport to allies.

She uses a healing projectile

Overwatch 2 is a team-based shooter that features the new character Kiriko. She is fast and possesses a new Kunai weapon that is inherited from her late-game counterpart, Genji. While Kiriko is expected to be a powerful support in the top tier, she will face growing pains. She is not as easy to play as other supports in the game.

Kiriko’s primary role is to heal her teammates, and she does this with the help of her Healing Ofuda ability. This ability lets her throw a healing projectile that can penetrate walls. Her secondary ability, Swift Step, allows her to teleport and scale walls.

She has a teleportation ability

Kiriko is a highly mobile hero who can teleport through walls. This unique Overwatch 2 ability lets her reach teammates in need or who have been injured. If used wisely, her teleportation ability can make a big difference for your team.

Kiriko’s secondary attack is a powerful DPS attack that hits mobile heroes from long distances. However, her Ofuda projectiles are slow, taking a long time to hit their target.

Her abilities

Kiriko’s primary weapon is her healing talisman, the Healing Ofuda, which can heal allies in a range of different ways. The Healing Ofuda is a blue or yellow projectile that reaches out and heals allies within its range. It has a cooldown of 14 seconds.

Kiriko’s second ability, secondary fire, allows her to throw kunai with a critical hit. She also has a quick step, which allows her to target a single ally, even through walls. This ability is invaluable for catching up with teammates and saving allies in skirmishes.