Overwatch 2 D.Va Guide: Abilities and Weapons

Overwatch 2

D.Va has a powerful ability that allows her to move forward at a faster speed. It can be used to knock back enemies and also lets her shoot. She can also move through the air, allowing her to get to different areas and angles. It also helps her grab high ground. In this guide we will have a look on D.Va abilities, weapons and other details.

Overwatch 2 D.Va Guide: Abilities and Weapons

Light Gun

One of D.Va’s primary abilities is her Light Gun, which fires 18 missiles over 1.5 seconds. When each missile connects, it deals 162 damage to an enemy. It also deals splash damage, which varies in intensity based on distance from the target.

Fusion Cannon

She also has a Fusion Cannon, which functions like a machine gun, but has a shorter range than you might expect. While this allows her to do more damage than other teammates, she also loses movement speed.

Defense Matrix

Upon launch, Overwatch 2 will introduce a new initiative known as the Defense Matrix. Its goal is to combat abusive behavior and disrupting gameplay in the game. With this initiative, players will be able to lead constructive, positive games and have the opportunity to improve the overall game experience. This initiative will be implemented by using SMS Protect, an industry-proven solution.

The Defense Matrix can protect players for up to two seconds. It can also be used by the player to impede an opponent’s attacks. However, players cannot attack other players while the Matrix is active.

Micro Missiles

Micro Missiles are a new weapon for D.Va in Overwatch 2. Unlike the normal missiles, these missiles travel in a straight line and deal damage to enemies within a radius of 1.5 meters. The missiles deal 162 damage when they hit a target, and can also damage D.Va if she gets too close to the target. The new weapon can also be used in combination with her Defense Matrix to deal more damage.

Micro Missiles are one of the best weapons for harassing enemies from range. They fire a volley of rockets that deal seven damage on a direct hit and up to four damage per missile with slash damage. The best way to use Micro Missiles is to aim your attacks at important targets. Be sure to avoid taking damage from the rockets, however, as they will hit you directly.


While D.Va is not known for her offensive capabilities, she can still be a useful asset in many teamfights. She is able to provide covering fire and use her weapon to lock down bottlenecks. Her abilities can also help her to elude enemy abilities.

As a tank hero, D.Va can use Boosters to give herself the upper hand against enemy tanks. She can also use Boosters to create distractions for other heroes.

Self-Destruct mech

While D.Va’s mech is her main mode, she also has weapons and blasters, which make her an excellent tank. Her mech is also equipped with additional armor, which protects her from damage while she is on the move. However, D.Va is vulnerable to attacks if she is knocked out of it.

The most important aspect of this mech ability is to position yourself. If you place yourself in a favourable blast zone, you can use other weapons and abilities, like missiles, to damage enemies and minimize their time to escape. You should also use the booster to get your mech into the optimal position.