Intel Rocket Lake Core i9-11900K Gaming Performance Leaked

Rocket Lake Core

Parts of Intel’s final presentation on the Rocket Lake-S processor generation have come to light. Assuming that these are not forged images, we can look at the specifications and game performance.

Intel Rocket Lake-S will enter the market on March 30, which has already been officially confirmed, but even earlier a formal introduction of the new generation should come, but it has not been confirmed yet.

Intel is probably preparing accompanying materials for its presentation, from which two images have now leaked (so far), the first of which shows the detailed specifications of the new processors. However, only the Core i9 and Core i7 fit in the picture, in addition to which the Core i5 will also appear.

As for the lower ranks, they should, like Comet Lake, be based on the original Skylake architecture, in order to offer a slightly increased ratio at best compared to the 10th generation.

The images reached the Chinese server Weibo. However, there is one small thing, Intel recently changed its marketing style and started using other fonts, which the images from this presentation do not match. So it’s either a hoax, or even older material, or Intel has not yet been able to unify its marketing style.

The fact that these are even older materials is also indicated by the missing column, which should reveal the official prices of the new processors. However, the specifications are not surprising, or they do not differ from what we have gradually learned from various sources. But we have another image from Weibo, where the game performance of the new Core i9-11900K is addressed.

Intel used to compare this processor to the competing Ryzen 9 5900X, but now we have a competitor from its own stable, the ten-core Core i9-10900K model. However, this does not mean that the final presentation will not include a comparison with the competition.

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