How to Get The Enlightened Hearthstone in Zereth Mortis

Enlightened Hearthstone toy
Screenshot: Wowhead

In the mystical realm of Zereth Mortis within the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft, adventurers can discover a myriad of secrets and treasures, one of which is the coveted Enlightened Hearthstone. This guide will take you through the detailed steps to acquire this unique toy, combining insights from multiple sources to ensure a thorough understanding of the process.

What is Enlightened Hearthstone?

The Enlightened Hearthstone toy is a prized possession for players, offering not just a functional hearthstone but also a testament to their exploration prowess and teamwork in Zereth Mortis. Discovered years after the conclusion of Shadowlands, this guide is based on the collective efforts of the community and provides a step-by-step approach to acquiring the toy.

Steps to Unlock The Enlightened Hearthstone Toy in World of Warcraft (WoW)

1. Gathering the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation

The first step involves obtaining the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation, a toy that is essential for unlocking the Enlightened Hearthstone. This item can be looted from the Enlightened Broker Supplies, which is the Paragon cache for the Enlightened reputation faction​​​​.

2. Forming a Group

Assemble a group of six players, each equipped with the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation. Coordination and teamwork are key here, as the puzzle requires simultaneous action from all participants​​.

3. Locating the Puzzle Area

Head to the pool beneath the Forge of Afterlives, located in the center of Zereth Mortis. This site is surrounded by hexagon pillars, which play a crucial role in solving the puzzle​​.

4. Positioning and Activation

Each player must stand atop one of the hexagon pillars surrounding the pool. Specific coordinates are provided for positioning. Once in place, all players must activate their Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation simultaneously​​​​.

5. Accessing The Ponderer’s Portal

Following the successful activation, a zone-wide notification will announce the opening of The Ponderer’s Portal. The portal will appear at the southern hexagon pillar, from which players can then loot the Enlightened Hearthstone toy​​​​.


Unlocking The Enlightened Hearthstone is an adventurous task that requires not only individual effort but also collaboration with fellow players. By following the detailed steps outlined in this guide, players can successfully acquire this unique toy and add it to their collection, further enriching their World of Warcraft experience.


Q: Do I need the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation to obtain the Enlightened Hearthstone? A: While you need a group where each member has the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation, an individual without the toy can still participate and obtain the Hearthstone as long as the puzzle is completed successfully​​.

Q: Is the Enlightened Hearthstone available to players of all levels? A: Players must access Zereth Mortis and have the capability to interact with the Enlightened Broker Supplies, implying a certain level of progression within the Shadowlands expansion​​​​.

Q: Can the Enlightened Hearthstone be obtained solo? A: No, the puzzle requires a group of six players to complete, emphasizing the need for teamwork within the World of Warcraft community​​.

This guide amalgamates information from various sources, including WowVendor​​, Icy Veins​​, and WowCarry​​, to provide a comprehensive walkthrough for acquiring The Enlightened Hearthstone in Zereth Mortis.