Here’s 44 Minutes of Grounded Gameplay, Coming to Xbox Game Pass


Grounded will hit Xbox Game preview with Xbox Game Pass and Steam Early Access on July 28. On the occasion of the inside of the April episode, Obsidian showed some interesting news about its survival video game Grounded. As a result, we were able to see a new trailer and 44 minutes long live stream gameplay, with a teaser focused on the player experience.

Grounded Story Trailer

Obsidian game director Adam Brennecke and social media manager Shyla Schofield starred in Grounded’s first live broadcast. Also, they took the opportunity to get closer to the “great world” of their new video game.

In Grounded we will wake up in a house, shrunk to the size of an ant. The reference to the fun movie called “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” is inevitable, because our adventure will be very similar to that of the young Szalinski, with a tiny size at the mercy of insects in a gigantic garden.

As soon as we begin, a robot, BURG.L., does not report that the device that has reduced our size is out of service, and that we must survive a garden that becomes a death trap for our size. We can play the game alone, or with the help of three friends if we play in cooperative multiplayer.

You can check out the 44 minutes long Grounded gameplay from the IGN channel where we can appreciate some of the Grounded survival mechanics by Adam Brennecke and Shyla Schofield below.

Here’s 44 Minutes of Grounded Gameplay

The backyard is full of ants, spiders, flying insects and other vermin that will not seek to care for us precisely.

Therefore, we must search for and gather materials that help us create and build shelters and bases to defend ourselves and manage our resources. Use your environment to survive, from the dew of the grass to quench your thirst, even an acorn shell to transform it into a resistant armor.

Grounded will hit the Xbox early access platform, Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC via Steam on July 28.