Fans Think Fable 4 Will Be Announced for Xbox Series X

Fable 4
Image: YouTube

Fable 4 is one of the exclusive Xbox titles whose development has been rumored for many years. The project, however, has not been officially announced. However, fans are convinced and think that Fable 4 will be revealed very soon. And the most interesting thing is that it would be announced for the next generation of consoles Xbox Series X.

According to reports, a rumor came out from an industry informant who claimed that next week we will know about 2 exclusive Xbox Series X games, with very different themes.

Although the informant did not specify the names or any other details about the titles. He gave some clues and, although they are somewhat ambiguous, fans seem to be sure that one of them, the one with “gorgeous fantasy worlds” will be the long-awaited Fable 4.

At the moment there is no official information about these games. But Shinobi602, the informant, assured that we will not have to wait long to know this information. On the other hand, IGN mentioned that there will be important news for Xbox fans on Monday, April 13. By putting the tracks together, fans were convinced that the new Fable 4 will be revealed the following Monday.

Although it is very risky to speculate on this, something interesting is that since 2018 it is believed that Playground is focused on the development of Fable 4. It was previously mentioned that the main platform for the studio would be Xbox One X. But the upcoming debut of Xbox Series X suggests that it will also release on the next-gen console of Microsoft.

Do you think Xbox Game Studios will reveal a new Fable 4? What title do you think the description refers to? Tell us in the comments below.

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