Godfall Update 1.09 (5.0.118) Patch Notes


If you’re not familiar with the latest Godfall Update, you’re missing out on a lot of new content. The latest Godfall update 1.09 ( (5.0.118) is now available to download.

This new update brings new game modes, unlocks, and more! This update is also loaded with bug fixes and improvements, so be sure to check it out!

New quests are available! Earlier, you were required to finish the Godfall story campaign by collecting Sigils and then cloning to the realm where you can keep track of people and quests. You can now play against other players online by joining online or local multiplayer. You’ll have the ability to attack Realm Bosses on Earth, as well as in the Sanctum. Getting these bosses will be challenging, but there are also rewards.

The Ascended Tower of Trials now offers new banes that have more penalties. The Banner Disabled bane reduces your Banner length by 30%, while the Archon Fury Bane slows your Archon Fury charge by 50%. New sandbox structure will be added soon. Once the sandbox is fixed, the formulas for velorplate and other materials will be added.

Fixed issues related to reapplying damage modifiers. The strength of the ecological breeze was too high. This was causing the enemy’s health bar to refresh too fast. The game is now more responsive and balanced.

This patch also adds a new shortcut for salvaging. Aside from fixing the aforementioned bugs, the new patch also fixes a number of other issues. The main focus of this update is to make the game better for everyone involved.

Godfall 1.09 Patch Notes – April 7, 2022



One of our main quality of life goals with the Godfall: Ultimate Edition was to truly make Godfall the tinkerer’s dream. What better way to promote that goal than with the long-awaited addition of loadouts?

  • Create up to three distinct loadouts for each Valorplate, each with its own configurations of Gear, Augments, Shards, Skills, and Cosmetics. Design the perfect builds for every situation!
  • As part of this work, Skills have been changed from a global setting across all Valorplates to being Valorplate-specific. Skills can now be accessed and configured via the Valorplate section in the Player Menu
  • Copy individual loadout elements across Valorplates in Sanctum.


  • Weapon Techniques for all weapons can now be used to initiate brand new Timing Attacks after reaching level 5 in the Weapon Technique Skill node
  • Improved the damage output of Timing Attacks to make them more rewarding to execute
  • The heavy Timing Attack for Dual Blades has been replaced and can now be completed more quickly
  • The hitbox for the Warhammer Heavy Timing Attack has been improved, and enemies are now hit by multiple parts of the attack both in front of and behind the player
  • The hitbox for the Warhammer Northern Technique has also been improved so that enemies are also hit during the windup animation.


Updates with a sword ⚔️ are based on player feedback collected from our various communities and through support tickets.

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