Enlisted PS5 Closed Beta Available Today


After a few months of waiting, Enlisted closed beta starts today on the PS5. The test version is already available in the Australian PlayStation Store. A trailer reveals which setting is used in the shooter.

After the closed beta of Enlisted was launched last year on the PC and the Xbox Series X/S consoles, PS5 players can now take to the battlefield as well. In European countries, the title is not yet listed in the PlayStation Store. But a look at the counterpart from Australia reveals that Five Founders Packs are now listed there.

You cannot play the closed beta of Enlisted for free. To access you have to purchase one of the packages that cost around $45. They deal with the invasion of Normandy and the Battle of Moscow, with different premium squads being deployed depending on the choice of package. The fifth package includes all premium content as a bundle and costs the equivalent of around $136.

The premium squads of the paid bundles come with special features. The Soviet armed forces, for example, have the exclusive PPK-41 submachine gun. In the case of the German premium troops, it is the submachine gun MP 41. The respective premium troop and the associated soldiers and weapons start at the maximum level from the moment of purchase. Premium units also receive +100% experience points in battles.

After the full release, which should take place sometime this year, Enlisted will be a free-2-play shooter and the funding will take place in other ways. The closed beta should run at least until the end of spring.

With Enlisted you can expect a squad-based first-person MMO shooter that focuses on the decisive battles of World War II. Historical weapons and military vehicles are used in the course of the game. The developers also want to capture the atmosphere of this era while depicting the clashes between soldiers, tanks and aircraft with artillery and sea support.

In the course of the day, the closed beta of Enlisted should also be available in the German PlayStation Store for the PS5. Below is a slightly older trailer for the closed test version:

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