Death Stranding Extended Edition Development Completed, Announcement Coming Soon

Death Stranding Extended Edition

Death Stranding, an award-winning video game work developed by Kojima Productions, would be returning with an Extended Edition available for both old gen and current-gen consoles of Sony.

At least, this is what the insider Navtra claims, according to which an extended version, therefore full of new content, would be ready and available and would be announced today or, at the latest, within a month. It is not the first time that Navtra has disclosed confidential information and often, in the past, his predictions have proved correct.

Obviously, no confirmations have arrived from the manufacturer, nor from Sony, therefore, these words must absolutely be taken with a grain of salt. In any case, the rumors that would like the return of Death Stranding Extended Edition for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 are certainly not new.

After all, after the great success in terms of sales and criticism, of the title written and directed by Hideo Kojima nothing more was known, and with the imminent release of the new Sony console, all they expected a return of the masterpiece, and not only thanks to the backward compatibility of PlayStation 5. If what Navtra says turns out to be true, the title would return in an extended version, therefore with new content and better graphics.

The announcement, as mentioned, could even arrive today or, at most, within a month. We will therefore have to stay tuned and await news, especially from the developer house. Furthermore, the eventual arrival of an extended version would be an excellent opportunity to recover one of the most awarded titles in history.


Rizwan Ahmad
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