Crytek Could Be Remastering Other Crysis Game in the Series – Rumor


As you all know, Crysis is back. As you know by now, the beloved first game in the series will return in a whole new disguise this summer on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch with Crysis Remastered.

According to the announcement of Crytek, who co-developed the title with Saber Interactive as regards to the Switch version. We will soon be back wearing the nano suit in Crysis Remastered. However, the shooter series has other chapters and it seems that this version of remastering is just a first step.

According to what appeared on Reddit, in fact, fans could also expect the remasters of the other chapters. A user of the famous forum believes that the next games will gradually arrive, as happened for Master Chief Collection on PC.

The clues come from two suspicious tweets from Saber Interactive’s Tim Willits:

“I always loved Crysis games, and it’s exciting to work with Crytek to bring these games to new audiences Crysis” and “We will be talking about the remasters more soon. I’m glad people are excited.” It is easy to see that Willits uses the plural to speak of Crysis.

Another clue comes from Crytek’s official press release. By carefully re-reading the announcement, the company speaks of “focus on the original game’s single-player campaigns” and therefore it does not seem to speak only of one campaign.

Finally, the user mentions an entry appearing on 4chan, to be verified, which speaks of a potential Crysis 4 on the horizon. According to the rumor (to be taken with due caution), a completely new chapter would only arrive if the remasters were successful, which would also include the Warhead, Crysis 2 and 3 expansion.

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