COD Modern Warfare & Warzone Update 1.63 Patch Notes

COD Modern Warfare

The COD Warzone update 1.63 has been released for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. This patch is very small, and does not contain any new content. However, it does include several performance improvements. One of the changes in this patch is the removal of the “Blueprintfilter. While the weapon will still look 8-bit, it will now play like a modern day weapon. Another change is the supply box UAV adjustment. This patch also removes the Resurgence Supply Boxes from the game and focuses on the best Supply Boxes.

This patch fixes several bugs. The new version of the game also reduces the amount of power that the Serpentine perk provides to players. This effect will only affect the player’s performance in Tactical Sprint. In addition to this, the new patch includes several other tweaks to the game’s overall experience. Raven Software has also updated its website to reflect this change.

This patch will cost you around 10GB to download. While this is a large download, it is recommended that you leave enough space for the patch installation. If you are on a PC, you should allocate about 7.3 GB of additional space. This temporary space will be reclaimed once you finish installing the patch. However, you should remember that you do not need to download Vanguard to play the game. Furthermore, you can choose to remove any unnecessary data packs.