Amazon Game Studios Announces Pac-Man Live Studio

Pac-Man Live Studio

The legendary Pac-Man is celebrating 4 decades of existence and within the framework of the celebrations there is already a surprise for fans of the game and its proposal that has amused millions of players. This is a new game that will take place in an online environment and that will take the creative and cooperative experience to the next level.

Amazon Game Studios Announces Pac-Man Live Studio

Amazon Game Studios just gave the surprise during the celebration of 40 years of Pac-Man with the announcement of Pac-Man Live Studio. A game that will be available on Twitch soon and that will allow users to create levels and test talent of those who consider themselves experts in the iconic video games. What does this mean? Initially, Pac-Man Live Studio will not require a download, that is, it will operate as a service on Twitch and will be available at any time.

Pac-Man Live Studio will feature game modes such as Endless Mode, where it will compete to achieve the highest score with monthly reset. In it, a team of players will have to pass a level of Pac-Man, but it will be enough for one member to complete it so that everyone moves to the next one where the only opportunity they have is lost.

Then we will have Maze Creator, a way where fans can create their levels of Pac-Man and bring them out to the public in search of any of these creations reaching a place in the list of the most played levels of Pac-Man Live Studio.

Finally, the startup of Pac-Man Live Studio will see a classic mode where fans of yesteryear will be able to enjoy the same game that became a sensation 40 years ago. Here there is no greater science than achieving the highest possible score to be registered among the best players, just as at the time it debuted.

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