Amazon France Lists Square Enix, Capcom, Bethesda Untitled Switch SKUs for Games


According to some reports, it seems that the lineup of Nintendo Switch, Sony, and Microsoft consoles, which are about to be replaced, will have significant support from outside developers, according to an online store.

The information comes this time from Amazon France, as on its online page appeared several records of games that are coming to current-generation consoles. What is most striking is that these are projects that are in charge of very important companies, such as Capcom, Square Enix and Bethesda.

Another interesting detail is that the information indicates that there would be 11 games in total and all of them would arrive at Nintendo Switch, while 7 would arrive at Xbox One and 5 and PlayStation 4. In the records appears the tentative launch date “2020”, so we will probably hear from them in the coming months.

Like any other leaks, we recommend you take this information with due precautions since it could well be something imprecise. However, we remind you that we are very close to the middle of the year when many companies will reveal new titles and that sometime later they will appear in online stores to be set aside.

That being said, it is very likely that companies appearing on Amazon France will soon announce their projects. In case you do not know, we tell you that it is very common that before events like E3 this type of record appears in stores.

There is also the possibility that these are games that have already been announced, but had no registration in the store, so the best thing to do is wait to find out what games these registrations refer to, which at the time of writing this note are still available.

We leave you with the list of developers and consoles that appeared in the records of Amazon France below.

  • Warner Bros – Switch and Xbox One
  • Warner Bros – Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  • Bethesda – Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  • Bethesda – Switch and PlayStation 4
  • Bethesda – Switch and Xbox One
  • Square Enix – Switch
  • Square Enix – Switch
  • Ubisoft – Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  • Ubisoft – Switch and Xbox One
  • Capcom – Switch
  • Take-Two Interactive – Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4