The Last of Us: Part II is Available Again on PlayStation Store

The Last of Us 2

You surely remember that after Sony announced that The Last of Us: Part II would be delayed indefinitely; the Naughty Dog game disappeared entirely from the PlayStation Store. Now, because the game has a new release date, this situation has changed.

It is worth mentioning that The Last of Us: Part II was not the only game that suddenly disappeared from the PlayStation Store. We say this since Marvel’s Iron Man is also not available. However, today, once again, The Last of Us: Part II is available on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4. This means that you already have the opportunity to preorder it from the digital store to be able to play it once it debuts.

It should be mentioned that little has changed since the last time The Last of Us: Part II was available on the PlayStation Store. In fact, the game retains the same price ($59.99 USD) and the only thing different thing this time is its new release date.

This means that, if your preorder was canceled and you were reimbursed with the amount, you already have the opportunity to do it again so that everything is as it was before it disappeared in the store. We remind you that The Last of Us: Part II already has a new release date. This was confirmed by Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive which was revealed earlier this week after part of the game was leaked.

So, it is now official that The Last of Us: Part II will be available on PlayStation 4 from June 19, 2020. It is expected that day you can get it in both physical and digital formats.

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And what about you, will you buy The Last of Us: Part II? Tell us in the comments below.

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