Super Mario Odyssey Remade in Super Mario 64, Mod Available for Download

Super Mario 64

The different types of mods on PC have made Super Mario 64 one of its favorite games. And the title of Nintendo 64 has practically become a class title for fans to make reality everything that at the time could not be done more than 2 decades. As the mods no longer stop, an enthusiast took it upon himself to unite the universes of Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario 64.

The new work of the specialist in mods of Super Mario 64, Kaze Emanuar, is now available for download and fans of its mods can already live the experience of Super Mario Odyssey in a version of Nintendo 64 thanks to Super Mario Odyssey 64.

This mod captures, to the extent possible, the scenarios and level design of the hit title of Nintendo Switch with the assets of the legendary Super Mario 64. This means that instead of stars you will now have to find 80 hidden moons in all the levels of the game.

As you can expect, the star mechanic of Super Mario Odyssey, the use of Cappy, is also part of this mod and through it, you can control enemies to fulfill the objectives of each level.

Previously, it was reported that Nintendo intends to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary with a package that would be a kind of sequel to the Super Mario All-Stars. It would be a package that would include Super Mario 64; Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

It is important to emphasize that the information about the remastering of past installments of Super Mario Bros has been echoed in various media and several claims to have sources that shared the information. That said, Nintendo spokespersons have indicated that they do not have to announce it at this time. In any case, only time will tell when this games would be made a reality.

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