State of Play Announced for August 6 with “No Big PS5 Announcement”

State of Play

Sony has announced a new State of Play edition. The company is dedicated to the upcoming games. You shouldn’t expect details about the PS5, the price or a release date. The new episode will be broadcast this Thursday on August 6.

After a number of rumors, Sony officially announced today that a new State of Play edition is coming. It airs this week and is fully dedicated to games for PS4, PSVR and PS5. You can follow the show this Thursday, August 6, 2020 from 9 pm BST / 10 pm CEST. Sony just announced this on the official PlayStation blog.

As usual, we will remind you of the event in good time and involve the relevant players

What will be presented? Should you expect details about the PS5, then we have a little disappointment for you. Sony explicitly points out that there will be no news regarding ” hardware, business, preorders, or dates either.”

Once again, games come into focus, which this time does not primarily mean PS5 games. After various next-gen games from first-party studios and other major publishers were put in the right light at the last event, the focus this time is “on games published by third-party providers that appear for PS4 and PSVR.”

It also plans to unveil a few more indie games and third-party titles that were launched in June as part of the PS5 event. There should be no news about projects at PlayStation Studios.

Sony wants to focus entirely on “showcasing some cool upcoming games coming to the broader PlayStation ecosystem.”

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“The episode is weighing in at 40+ minutes(!). We’ve got a great lineup in store featuring plenty of new gameplay footage and other game updates. Can’t wait to hear what you think,” said Sony in today’s announcement.

PS5 fans should be a little disappointed. Because many players are still waiting for some important information about the PS5. The price and the date are open. It is also unclear when the pre-orders will start. None of the big producers seems to want to take the first step at this year’s generation change.

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