Serious Sam: Tormental Now Available for PC

Serious Sam: Tormental

The 3D syringe top-down shooter Serious Sam: Tormental has finally arrived on PC. Developed by Croteam and Gungrounds, this game has dozens of new weapons, perks, and dungeons. It also introduces new enemies and Elite variants. A new character, Ugh Zan Jr., joins the ranks of the game’s cast.

If you’re a fan of roguelike games, you should pick up Serious Sam: Tormental for your PC. The top-down shooter is a fun change from the typical FPS gun-fights that dominate most games. Tormental has procedurally-generated levels, which add variety to the gameplay. Each player character also has two weapons, and these weapons can be upgraded with “mods” found throughout the game.

Additionally, players can perform dodge rolls and use special abilities to evade enemies. Finally, enemies and bosses use melee and projectile attacks to kill their opponents. Once a player character dies, the game restarts from the beginning.

While Serious Sam: Tormental has a variety of gameplay features, the main ones are its looping system, which allows players to experience more game play. There are two main areas in Tormental, the Vault and the Mindmap.

The Vault is the final area, and it contains secrets, as well as links to Mental’s true identity. Both areas require keys to unlock. During the game, players also have access to the Mindmap, which allows them to explore hidden items, enemies, and ideas in Mental’s mind.

In this game, players must battle Mental, a destructive demi-god. They must discover secrets in Mental’s mind and stop him from destroying the world.

As they defeat Mental, they must beat several challenges to complete the final boss. Fortunately, they can use their newfound knowledge to improve their gear. The game also comes with a new fortress map. Its launch trailer gives players a good idea of the game’s art style.

You can download the Serious Sam: Tormental from Steam here.