Rumor: Xbox Series X Release Date and Price Will Be Revealed in September

Xbox Series X

Microsoft and Sony have decided to keep the public on their toes until the last moment regarding the release of some details of their next consoles, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which at the moment still do not have a price and a release date officially.

Recently, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Series X will be launched during the month of November, but apparently we will have to wait a little longer to get more information on the next-generation console.

In recent weeks there have been many leaks about the hypothetical price and the release date of the platform, and some official reports had indicated that this information would arrive in August, as was also suggested by the same boss of the Xbox division of Microsoft, Phil Spencer.

However, it seems that Microsoft’s plans have changed, so users will have to wait until September to know this and other information. On ResetEra, the famous insider Shinobi602 stated that Xbox-related news that should have arrived later this month will pop up later, before announcing in a subsequent post that those plans have indeed been delayed to September.

Along with information about the Xbox Series X, Microsoft should still have plenty of cards to discover, including the official Xbox Series S announcement and more details regarding how Xbox Game Pass works. With the launch of the console scheduled for next November, it is virtually certain that the latest key details on the platform will be shown during the next presentation.

Halo Infinite, the highly anticipated game of 343 Industries, has been officially delayed to 2021 due to some development problems. We just have to wait to find out what Microsoft’s future moves will be before the launch of its new console, Xbox Series X.

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