PUBG Gets New Update on PC and Consoles with Bug Fixes and Changes to Audio Quality and More

A small PUBG hotfix update has been released for PC players as well as consoles players on PS4 and Xbox One bringing Bug Fixes and Changes to Audio Quality and more.

A small hotfix patch update has been released for the PUBG game on PC as well as consoles including Xbox One and PS4. The latest PUBG hotfix update brings a minor change related to the audio compression and audio quality on the console. The update reverts the audio compression changes to increase audio quality on consoles.

To apply the new hotfix patch update you will just need to restart your PUBG game. The latest PUBG hotfix update does not include any other fixes or changes to the game on consoles.

Notably, a small update has also been applied to the latest PUBG update 6.3 for PC players. The update for PC players reduces instances of FPS stutter/hitching for certain hardware configurations.

The latest PUBG update for PC also brings minor bug fixes including the following.

  • Wrong 4x reticle displayed when using the DP-28
  • Abnormal Blue Zone sound played in spectator mode
  • Reload interaction sounds heard differently in FPP and TPP views

Below you can check out the official tweet from PUBG Support Twitter account.

Rizwan Ahmad
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