PS5 is the Better Console Compared to Xbox Series X, Crytek Engineer Says


It remains to be seen whether the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X will ultimately deliver the best results. But if you believe the rendering engineer Ali Salehi from Crytek, the PS5 is better console compared to the Xbox Series X because the maximum performance can be called up very quickly and easily, while the performance is only available under ideal conditions on the Xbox console.

The next-gen consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X will cause heated discussions after their technical details were revealed, which console will ultimately be the stronger. At least on paper, the Xbox Series X is superior to the PS5 in terms of the number of teraflops and CUs on the graphics chip. The PS5 uses higher frequencies and higher speeds for data transmission.

Rendering engineer Ali Salehi from Crytek recently compared the performance of PS5 and Xbox Series X in an interview to Persian gaming website Vigiato. According to the developer, the number of teraflops and thus the theoretical performance during development is not very meaningful.

As Salehi reports, development for PS5 is very easy, as Sony’s lead system architect Mark Cerny has pointed out on several occasions. In addition, the maximum performance of 10.28 TFLOPs is much easier to access than the 12 TFLOPs on the Xbox Series X.

“The developers are saying PS5 is the easiest console they have ever coded on to reach its peak performance,” Salehi said. “Software-wise, coding for PS5 is extremely simple and has so many abilities that make the [developers] so free. In total, I can say PS5 is a better console.”

The greater performance of the Xbox Series X is therefore very difficult to access under very specific conditions. If all components of the Microsoft console work perfectly with the GPU, the maximum performance of 12 TFLOPs can be achieved, but this hardly seems to be possible.

According to the Crytek developer, there was a similar situation with the PS3, which had a higher performance on paper. In practical use, however, it was extremely difficult to program and there were bottlenecks at the storage so that the maximum performance was practically not achieved.

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