PS VR 2.0 Patent Suggest Support for Haptic Feedback – Report


According to recent reports, PS VR 2.0 on the PlayStation 5 could make use of haptic feedback. This is at least indicated by a recently surfaced patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Even though Sony Interactive Entertainment has pointed out several times in the past few months that PlayStation VR will play an important role on the PS5, no specific details have been given about the successor to the VR headset.

In the recent past, however, patents have always been a topic of conversation and, among other things, led to the assumption that PS VR 2.0 could enable wireless operation. A new patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment, in which a VR solution for haptic feedback is described, is causing further speculation these days.

“A sensor generates signals representing whether a computer game headset is being worn properly so that the wearer may be advised. The sensor may be a pressure sensor or motion sensor or stretch sensor on the headset, or it may be a camera that images the wearer and uses image recognition to determine if the headset is on correctly,” the description of the patent says.

“Additionally one or more light-emitting diodes (LED) and/or one or more haptic feedback generators may be mounted on the headset for purposes to be shortly disclosed,” the patent further reports.

In view of the fact that the PS5 with the DualSense already has a controller that supports haptic feedback, the use of this technology in the PlayStation VR successor is likely to surprise a few.

However, the whole thing has not yet been officially confirmed. Also, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently indicated that the successor to PS VR will probably be a long time coming.

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