PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Could Be $100 Cheaper


After successfully revealing the PlayStation 5 design in its conference on June 11. Sony would already be gearing up to the market with a robust stock level for the launch expected to occur this year.

The Japanese developer, not only came up with the design of the console, which will use aesthetic lines in white in its launch version but also taught its users what would be the entire “ecosystem” that it would carry with the new generation.

From headsets, remote control and even an edition that will arrive completely without a Blu-Ray reader, they are part of the novelties that PS5 will seek to provide in the user experience. This is how, now, a new rumor positions precisely this latest article, as one of the heavy cards for the launch, drastically reducing the price of it by not having any disk reader.

As reported by a leak on the Amazon website in France, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition would cost up to $100 less than the previously leaked value. This means that if all the rumors are leaked, we would have launch prices that will vary from $500 in its standard version to a tempting $399 in its digital version.

It is not far-fetched that it is the same companies like Microsoft or Sony that are now pushing their consumers to reduce physical stocks due to the monetary cost that they bring behind them, lowering profit margins in contrast to direct online distribution.

PS5 is expected to arrive effectively in November of this year. You can check the tweet below:

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