PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 4.87 Released

PlayStation 3

Although the new generation of consoles has arrived a few days ago with the advent of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, Sony has decided to look back and release a new firmware update for the dear and old PlayStation 3, which starting today will be able to update for firmware version 4.87.

Surprisingly, the Japanese giant has therefore decided to publish a new update for their seventh-generation console which, as often happens for updates released after the end of a console’s life cycle, will focus more on improving the stability and performance of the console’s system.

The official changelog released by Sony itself indicates that the new PlayStation 3 firmware has the one and the only purpose of improving the stability of the system, preventing players who still use the console from encountering sudden freezes or data reading errors.

Furthermore, according to many industry experts, this update would have been published mainly to prevent those who have made exploits or modifications of the console from using the functions online (or at least making things much more complicated than before).

At the moment on the web no other important changes have been found on the system after this update to PlayStation 3 firmware 4.87, although according to many this new update would also be able to not allow users to revert to an old firmware version for install homebrew on the console or modify it in general.

After officially going out of production in 2017 and losing the ability to send and receive messages with their friends directly from the console, PlayStation 3 still remains in the hearts not only of fans but also of Sony executives, who want to continue to renew and improve the seventh generation system just as we saw today with the release of a new dedicated update exclusively to it.

Rizwan Ahmad
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