Pikmin Bloom Update 53.0 Patch Notes

Pikmin Bloom, a mobile game, has received a new update 53.0. The new version tweaks the shop layout and badges. The update is available for iOS and Android devices. As always, Pikmin Bloom requires an internet connection to play. You can download the update from the Google Play Store or App Store.

This patch notes also adds five new stages to the game. Players can now battle against Bulborbs and unlock a new stage. The game features five new stages, including the Fortress of Festivity, which is available in both modes for free. These new levels are themed after human environments, such as an abandoned construction site and a Christmas-decorated living room. They’re partially two-dimensional and have different types of enemies. A re-skin of the Forest Navel is also included.

Another change to Pikmin Bloom is the introduction of the Mii customization screen. Players can now choose the type of Mii they want to create, such as a Pikmin Bloom with a flower. Players can also now set their Mii’s appearance and display it to friends. Users can also now view the details of expedition items.

The Pikmin Bloom update can be downloaded from the internet. It upgrades the game to the latest version and adds new downloadable content to the eShop. The update also removes the sunset softlock. In addition, the first stage of a bundle is added to the game for free.