Nomura Confirms Two More Kingdom Hearts Games is in Development

According to a new report, Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that there are two More Kingdom Hearts Games is in Development.
Kingdom Hearts

The possibilities of Kingdom Hearts are so vast that it was hard to think that everything was said with the debut of Kingdom Hearts III. Precisely, this third installment was part of a long and arduous development process that also involved Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Now that it is only a matter of few days before the last of these 3 games are going to reach the market, however, Square Enix is ​​already working on the titles that follow the franchise that happens in the Disney universes.

A report revealed information referring to the statements of Tetsuya Nomura, creator of the franchise, who confirmed to Dengeki PlayStation that in addition to the mobile game, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, there are 2 new installments that are in development by the internal studios in the company.

Although he did not reveal any details, Nomura pointed out that, as mentioned a few months ago, one of those games will arrive very soon, which suggests that its development process is in an advanced phase.

It is worth mentioning that last January, Square Enix announced the creation of 2 teams to handle future Kingdom Hearts projects and at that time the company noted that one of them was already working on a game in the franchise. Now, from Nomura’s statements, it seems that we will soon know more about this new title.

Kingdom Hearts III is available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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