Monster Rancher 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

Monster Rancher 2

In the 90s and early 2000s, several IPs were born with the intention of riding the wave of success of the pocket monster genre, and in this rather particular historical context in which Monster Rancher was also born.

The franchise started in 1997 on the now old PlayStation 1, this series of Koei Tecmo has been able to entertain fans from all over the world thanks to the multitude of video games available on different platforms of the period and the anime made by the team of TMS Entertainment.

However, the series took a long break from the market, with the latest original console release dating back to 2010 with Monster Rancher DS for Nintendo DS. However, the situation changed last year, when Koei Tecmo released the first remastered chapter in Japan.

Apparently the product has had some success, given that the Japanese company has recently confirmed that we will see the same kind of operation even with the second chapter of the franchise.

Released on Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android by the end of the year in Japanese territory, the re-release of Monster Rancher 2 is proposed as a remastered version in which we will see an improvement in graphics in general and the return of the over 400 monsters on the roster, but even the presence of unpublished contents not present in the original edition.

Unfortunately currently no further details have been released on the remastering of this classic for Playstation 1 called Monster Rancher 2, originally released in 2000 in European territory, but Koei Tecmo has declared that it intends to reveal more information at the launch of the official website and in the article of the Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Waiting to find out if the remastered of the first and second will ever see a release in the European market, in addition to seeing this operation also for the subsequent episodes of the franchise, you should know that Koei Tecmo has participated in the development of Fire Emblem: Tree Houses together with the Nintendo teams and Intelligent System.

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