Mafia 4 or Remasters Could Be Announced Soon, According To Its Official Twitter Account


The fans of Mafia series have long been waiting for a new announcement related to the franchise. Fortunately, it seems that your wish is not far from coming true. We say this since a recent message in social networks seems to indicate that an announcement related to this franchise is very close.

What happened is that the official Mafia account on Twitter returned to activity after almost 2 years of not making any publication. This was done with a tweet that introduces the word “Family”.

The fact that this account featured activity after so long excited fans, who responded to this post. In their messages, the community was excited and even revealed some of the things they want to be revealed.

Now, it must be remembered that, recently, Crysis accounts also resumed activity on social networks and later confirmed a remaster. So, it seems that we could be facing something similar. Now, what could this publication mean? There are reasons to think that 2K Games may be preparing a relaunch of the title of Mafia.

What happened is that, in September 2019, 2K Games registered 3 brands related to this franchise, one of them referred to Mafia II. Additionally, in April it was discovered that a classification agency in South Korea made a registration of Mafia II: Definitive Edition, a possible relaunch of this title.

Now it is important to note that this might not be the only Mafia product on the way. We say this since there are also reasons to think about the premiere of a new version of Mafia III or Mafia 4.

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