Ludo Zenith Now Available to Download in India from Google Play Store

Ludo Zenith

Preregistration for the Ludo Zenith, a new Ludo game went live earlier this month and now the game is finally available to download for Android devices in India. Notably, Ludo Zenith will also release on iOS devices at a later date soon.

Ludo Zenith features 1v1 PvP (Player vs Player) with highly competitive matches. The game also features Ludo Arenas, the first-of-a-kind cool 3D camera that lets you see the game from your favorite angle.

The game also features unique and easy-to-use abilities which you can use in the game to crush your opponent. There is also rank progression and superpowers, and microtransaction to make in-game purchases. in the game.

Ludo Zenith is a new ludo game for Android and iOS devices and it is developed in cooperation with Japanese gaming giant Square Enix and Indian studio JetSynthesys features.

If you want, you can download the Ludo Zenith game from the Google Play Store here.