Lego Super Mario Video Game Available in Dreams


The opening of Nintendo to other sectors has resulted in collaborations for diverse products. Recently, Lego joined forces with the Japanese company to launch a set of Super Mario Bros. This ignited the idea that, at some point, there could be a video game that combines both universes. While that is happening, or maybe not, Dreams exists and one of Media Molecule’s creative platform enthusiasts has already created LEGO Super Mario.

Bearly Regal, one of the Dreams enthusiasts, presented his new project that on this occasion took inspiration from the LEGO set of Super Mario Bros. to create a video game that joins both franchises. To make this idea a reality, the user of the game and creative platform of PS4 decided to create a Super Mario world with pure LEGO pieces, which involved creating each piece separately and then putting them in order and shaping a stage.

According to the Dreams enthusiasts, the project took sixty hours and in the end, he was able to bring the LEGO and Super Mario Bros. set to life thanks to the title of Media Molecule. The result? You can see it for yourself in the video below:

Nintendo is a company well known for its zero-tolerance for fan-made projects related to its IP: just a few months ago it was reported how the company had directly contacted Sony to request the removal of the entire Super Mario fan-made video games made in Dreams.

Since we doubt a sudden change of its personality, we believe that this Lego Mario project really has something amazing in it. In any case, it was a beautiful work, don’t you think too?

Rajesh V
Rajesh is a video game enthusiast and currently serving his keen knowledge from the video game industry here at GamingUncle as a lead Video Game News Editor and Reporter.