Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer Out

Kingdom Hearts 4

Square Enix have released the official Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer! This seven-minute trailer looks a lot different than the previous games! Square Enix announced the game during their 20th Anniversary celebration, and the trailer appears to be of gameplay in the series. The trailer also has some spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 4 – so be careful! Read on to learn more about the game! Until then, enjoy the trailer. Here are some of the most anticipated moments in the trailer:

In the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, we see Sora awakening in a city called Quadratam, which is like an afterworld, and fighting a giant heartless. We also see some of the early graphics, including Sora running up buildings and performing fancy footwork.

The trailer also reveals some details about the game’s characters and setting. The trailer starts at four minutes and fifty-five seconds. It has English subtitles, but we still have to wait until it hits the shelves.

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While it’s still early to know what the game will look like, this trailer has already confirmed what we already knew. Kingdom Hearts is back with a sequel! Square Enix has also confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 4 will be the next installment of the series.

The game is set in a city called Quadratum, which is a sort of “afterworld” where Sora must fight a giant black monster that has invaded the city. We know that the game will include a new villain, Strelitzia, and a redesigned Sora. This trailer also reveals the game’s title!