How to Unlock Overwatch 2 Golden Weapons

Gold Weapon

In Overwatch 2 you can unlock golden weapons for your hero by playing ranked games. These ranked matches earn you Competitive Points, which are required to unlock a specific golden weapon. In order to unlock the Golden Weapon, you need to earn 3000 Competitive Points in a season. Each season lasts for nine weeks.

However, getting competitive points is not an easy task. You’ll need a decent amount of time to grind out the points. These points are earned by winning competitive matches and drawing competitive matches. Each win grants you 15 Competitive Points, and each draw grants you five.

However, don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your Competitive Points if you lose a competitive match. However, if you don’t have a lot of Competitive Points and you’re eager to unlock the Golden Weapon, you’ll have to purchase golden skins. These skins cost three thousand Competitive Points each.

If you have the Competitive Points to spend, you can unlock any golden weapon in Overwatch 2. However, this requires a lot of time and energy. You’ll have to participate in ranked matches to earn enough points. Once you’ve reached 3000 points, you can unlock the golden weapon for your hero.