Gears Tactics Devs Explain Why There Is A New Protagonist

Gears Tactics

The story of Gears of War addresses various events in its timeline and a few days before the release of Gears Tactics. We know that the game will take place 12 years before the events of the first installment. Before details about this game were revealed, the possibility of using protagonists known to fans as Marcus Fenix ​​or, if necessary, appealing to facts related to Kait Diaz, was considered.

However, the development team opted for a new protagonist and the reason why that decision was made was recently revealed.

Gears Tactics Devs Explain Why There Is A New Protagonist

During an interview with IGN, Tyler Bielman, Design Director of Gears of War, spoke about the reason why it was decided that the protagonist of Gears Tactics was Gabriel “Gabe” Diaz and not a known face of the franchise. In that regard, Bielman stated the following:

“We could have done this with Kait and her timeline, but we didn’t feel like that was right, given there was so much to tell of her story in Gears 5.

We could have set it with Marcus and the Delta team, but we felt like we wanted our [Gears Tactics] hero to be unique and have a different take on the world. And while the Delta squad is an amazing set of characters, there wasn’t one that we thought fit the bill for what we were trying to do.”

Later, Bielman pointed out that one of the objectives was to create a character suitable for the type of proposal that they handle in Gears Tactics and little by little Gabe Diaz was taking shape to become the hero:

“It all started with our desire to make Gabe a different kind of Gears hero, for a different kind of game, with a different kind of story, for a different kind of player,” Bielman added. “All the while, though, he’s still got that Lancer with a chainsaw on the end, so he could definitely kick a*s.”

Gears Tactics is now available for pre-order on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) for $59.99. Gears Tactics will debut on April 28 on PC. What do you think about the new protagonist in the title? Tell us in the comments below.