GameStop Refuses to Close Its Stores Despite Coronavirus Crisis


The chain of video game stores and entertainment products, GameStop, continues to be in the eye of the hurricane for the actions it has carried out in the midst of the emergency caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Recently, reports revealed the situation that prevails among its workers regarding the cleaning of branches and the way in which the company will handle absences from work due to the crisis. And if that was not enough, the store’s new idea has been to stick to keeping stores open despite the local government’s order to close businesses.

A report via Polygon revealed the new scandal surrounding GameStop amid the coronavirus crisis plaguing the United States. In recent days, and given the circumstances, local governments have ordered the closure of shops to strengthen the quarantine period and avoid as many infections as possible.

However, those businesses that sell basic necessities can operate during this period. Well, according to the information, for some reason GameStop had the idea of ​​ensuring that the products it sells are “necessary”, so it has no reason to close its branches.

In this sense, a statement sent by GameStop states that its stores are classified in terms of the sale of necessary products, which is why it has been able to stop the closure attempts by local authorities: “We believe that GameStop is classified as essential retail and therefore is able to remain open at this time.” Likewise, it appeals to the situation of forced confinement that is taking place at the moment because of its products: “enable and enhance our customers’ experience in working from home.”

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Rajesh V
Rajesh is a video game enthusiast and currently serving his keen knowledge from the video game industry here at GamingUncle as a lead Video Game News Editor and Reporter.