Fortnite Update v18.10 Patch Notes


Fortnite Update v18.10 is now available to download for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the latest Fortnite v18.10 patch notes, the latest update brings new Battle Royal items, including Chili Chug Splash, an update to the elimination manager device, additional device updates, and bug fixes. Apart from this, Fortnite version v18.10 also includes several general stability and bug fixes. The update also adds new Toona Fish Quest Styles with new Styles inspired by even more of your favorite Fortnite characters.

The latest Fortnite update further adds the new Sideways Battle Royale weapons listed below.

  • Sideways Minigun (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Sideways Rifle (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Paint Launcher (Orange, Purple)
  • Paint Grenades (Orange, Purple)
  • Monster Shards Cube Monster Parts (Ingredients)

It also includes updates to Elimination Manager that brings support for Fiends, Wildlife, and Sentries, as well as randomization and elimination penalties.

Check out the major balance changes, bug fixes, gameplay, and other fixes made in the latest Fortnite v18.10 patch notes below.

Fortnite 18.10 Patch Notes

Updated Limited Time Mode

  • Horde Rush
  • Score Royale
  • Unvaulted

Bug Fixes


Addressed an issue where scrolling in the Discover UI causes it to reset the player’s section position to the beginning of the row.

Battle Royale


  • Slipstreams will disable at the final Storm circle in core playlists.
  • Slipstreams will disable at phase 5 of the Storm in competitive playlists.
  • Chug Cannons are no longer available from Loot Llamas. In the Chug Cannons’ place are the spicy Chili Chug Splashes.
  • In competitive playlists, Sideways Anomalies will despawn earlier than they did previously.
  • The Rail Gun has been removed from competitive playlists.


  • Fixed an issue involving vehicles taking heavy damage when colliding with Mothership wreckage pieces.
  • Fixed an issue involving Donation Boards displaying items in English even when another language was selected.
  • Fixed an issue involving voice chat on Nintendo Switch not connecting to party chat after the player left and rejoined the party.


  • Fixed an issue where Round results were showing the wrong player as the winner of the Round.
  • Fixed an issue with the Join in Progress island setting to allow more than 16 teams.
  • Fixed an issue with the Only Allow Respawn If Spawn Pads Found island setting.


  • Fixed some issues with the Timer device.
    • Now supports non-English character text.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the timer to start at 100 minutes rather than 60.
  • Fixed an issue where the Skydome Device did not turn back on after re-entering island limits
  • Fixed an issue with the Save Point Device increasing saved score when triggering multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue with the Round Settings device to make On Round Start Transmit On work correctly with 1 round.
  • Fixed an issue with the Customizable Light device which caused square boxes to appear around the device after aiming at it.

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