Elden Ring Allegedly Features PvP & Online Multiplayer Mode

Elden Ring

Further unofficial details about the Soulslike RPG Elden Ring are available. A leaker named Omnipotent, who has divulged several details about FromSoftware’s new project in the past, supposedly knows about a PVP mode. He also says that the leaked trailer is not an intentional leak.

The ResetEra forum is currently busy discussing the hotly anticipated action role-playing game Elden Ring. In addition, there was a well-known leaker named Omnipotent, who is considered to be well informed with regard to FromSoftware and has already revealed details about the new project on several occasions.

He confirms to another user that an online mode is included. Among other things, there should be PvP battles in which you can compete against competitive players. For example, while Dark Souls 3 contained a multiplayer, you had to do without an online component in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

The leaker also commented on the recently leaked trailer. He is convinced that this is not a deliberate leak and believes that FromSoftware did not know anything about this trailer. Apparently, the recordings were made by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the responsible publisher, for internal use.

Incidentally, it does not assume that the publisher will present the game earlier than planned because of the leak. Nevertheless, the presentation could take place in the foreseeable future.

Last but not least, the leaker announced that the trailer is not particularly meaningful. Several important features, such as the dynamic weather system, were not shown at all.

Elden Ring is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Other versions for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S are also conceivable. According to the current status, it is completely open whether the title will be launched this year.