Dead Island 2 Will Be a Cross-Gen Game & Release in Late 2020

Dead Island 2 could be released later this year as devs are looking for an art director who has already worked at another AAA...
Dead Island 2

The story of Dead Island 2 is curious and entertaining, as long as you haven’t laid your hands on the game. Luckily for THQ Nordic, who continues to insist that the game is coming. It seems that the very long development of Dead Island 2 will finally end at the end of the year 2020.

The first installment came in 2011 from Techland. It was a decent game but it was a disappointment for a long time since its cinematic trailer is one of the most remembered in the industry. It was almost shown 10 years ago and zombies were still in style so it was very impressive.

As we said, the game was decent so it received reviews of 7/10 and similar numbers. It seems that Deep Silver, its publisher, was not satisfied with the performance of this cooperative shooter. So shortly afterward the development of Dead Island 2 was announced by the same studio. At that time it was already 2013 and here we are and we have no trace of the game.

Techland abandoned development to focus on Dying Light. So it was left to Yager Development (Spec Ops: The Line) who devoted themselves to the game for a couple of years and even showed images at E3 2014 with a tentative date of launch for 2015. The days passed and obviously something was happening since there was no more trailer. Deep Silver did not take long to announce that now it would be Sumo Digital that would be in charge of the project.

Finally, last year it was revealed that Dambuster Studios (an internal Deep Silver studio) would be the leaders of the Dead Island 2 project. So far there are not even rumors as to why the project has not worked in three recognized studios and why Deep Silver, Koch Media and THQ have decided to change their minds so many times.

Dambuster Studios is Looking for an art director to work on Dead Island 2

In any case, the matter seems to be the same as with Dambuster, we have no images or trailers. At least now they have updated their job search list on their website, they are looking for an art director who has already worked at another AAA. In principle they mention that he will work in Dead Island 2 and later, so in the publication they have mentioned the following:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for you to further your career by leading the art direction on a ground-breaking title for current and future platforms at a genuinely progressive and forward thinking studio. Do you have proven experience in leading world class art teams to deliver AAA console focused titles? If so, then we have your next challenge waiting…”

That “current and future platforms” clearly refers to the next-gen, so it is clear that they are developing the game for PS4 and Xbox One, but they are already thinking of a port for the new consoles. If PS5 and Xbox Series X finally launch at the end of the year, we can get a very close release of Dead Island 2.

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