Crysis Remastered Releases July 23, Gameplay Trailer Leaked

Crysis Remastered

Thanks to the product card in the Microsoft Store, we came to know about the release date of the refreshed version of Crysis, called Crysis Remastered, even before the official presentation. The digital store reveals that the game will release on July 23.

The estimated size of Crysis Remastered is supposedly 7.01 GB. On Xbox One X, the game will work in 4K Ultra HD. It is possible that the information provided by Microsoft Store will not be covered in reality, although this is unlikely.

However, tomorrow on July 1 at 5 pm BST the premiere of the first trailer of the game will take place. This is certain information because it comes from the official Crysis channel on YouTube. We will probably receive official confirmation of the release date.

Also, there is a gameplay trailer of Crysis Remastered that has been leaked online. You can check the video below. The remastering work of Saber Interactive promises to be very light, however, with HD textures, HDR, and 4K support, and that’s about it. We shouldn’t expect new content and certainly not the Warhead episode, which was critically acclaimed.

The original Crysis debuted in 2007 on the PC, presenting an unprecedented setting at the time, but requiring powerful equipment. The Remastered version will enrich the game with, among others, refreshed textures and ray-tracing techniques prepared by Crytek. The game will debut on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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