Company of Heroes 2 Gets 64-bit Operating Systems Support With the Latest Patch

Company of Heroes 2
Image Credit: Relic

Relic Entertainment has released a new 64-bit patch update for Company of Heroes 2 that adds support for 64-bit operating systems. After this update, players should expect greater stability and overall performance improvement in the game.

The latest 64-bit patch for the Company of Heroes 2 also adds crossplay support between Steam and Microsoft Game Pass/Windows Store Users. Kindly note, that all players should now automatically updated to the 64-bit version when launching the game. If the patch doesn’t automatically applies then players are advised to restart the game.

“This update is great news for the game, as it should result in greater stability and overall performance for the vast majority of players. It should also enable crossplay between Steam and Microsoft Game Pass / Windows Store Users.”

Along with, the 64-bit patch, Relic has also released ten new maps and five reworked maps to enjoy. However, the latest patch also removes some old maps as well. You can find more details on the latest community map update here.

For players whose PC hardware does not allow them to run the new 64 Bit update Relic has also released a 32-bit legacy beta update on Steam.

To access this beta, follow these steps:

  • Right Click Company of Heroes 2 on Steam
  • Select Properties
  • Navigate to the Betas Tab
  • Select “legacy_32bit” from the drop town
  • Close the Properties window
  • Your game should now patch to the legacy version


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